Initial Assessment and Evaluation

We analyze all the details to make your photovoltaic installation profitable for your home or business.

Visit to the facilities

We come to the target location to make a more thorough evaluation and assess the best option.

Project Design

Each installation is different. For this reason, we have to conduct a study with the specific needs of the installation, so that we can request the corresponding permits and authorizations from the public administrations.

The project comprises:

  • Calculations
  • Description of equipment: modules, investments and other elements.
  • Environmental, urban and sectorial justification
  • Energy evaluation

Administrative Procedures

Requirements, permits and licenses

We take care of fulfilling all the requirements of the public administrations and ensuring the user’s wellbeing, putting the installation into operation and legalizing it.

  • Design and layout of the installation

  • Access and connection permit

  • License application

  • Administrative authorization

  • Environmental authorization

  • Execution of the installations

  • Certificate of completion of work or installation

  • Operating authorization

Project Execution

Once all the authorizations have been obtained and the project has been processed with the corresponding public administration, we will proceed with the execution of the project together with the companies specialized in its implementation.

Maintenance and Warranty

Once the installation is up and running, we will continuously monitor it. The periodic operation of the facility is simple and its performance is efficient and safe.