We enlighten your future!

The future of humanity and the planet depends on the way we produce our energy.

Why renewable energies?

Energy efficiency

A solution tailored to today’s needs. Technological innovation is making energy production increasingly efficient.


Producing energy from renewable sources dramatically reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Thanks to various existing technologies, it is possible to produce renewable energy almost everywhere in the world.

Why Andllum?

100% green company

The purpose of this company is to create a 100% green world. We have a really environmentally-aware internal policy on recycling and environmental protection.

Fair price

We are aware that the best approach is to adjust the prices of our projects in order to get more and more people to choose green energy and contribute to a better world.

People and environment

We understand environmental protection as a benefit for all.

Our way of doing things


We analyze your consumption data and your available surface.


We carry out a customized self-consumption study, according to your needs.


We manage all the paperwork and install and legalize your installation.

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Initial Assessment and Evaluation

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Project Design

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Administrative Procedures

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Project Execution

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Maintenance and Warranty

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We generate and work with 100% renewable energy.

Andllum works in the production of renewable energy through innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.